SoftScan is solely dedicated to geophysical research in the construction industry (private & commercial).  Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Ultrasound (P & S wave) and Half Cell Potential (see our “Services Available” page), we can locate and map reinforcing, services, defects  and corrosion within concrete and timber structures. Our reputation for thoroughness, accuracy and reliability is well known throughout the professional community, which rely upon the analysis we provide.

GPR  was introduced into South Australia by SoftScan in 2004, however we have been active in the construction industry for over 40 years. This combined knowledge is invaluable when analysing GPR data, as it has provided us with a unique insight into structural design and therefore puts us at the forefront of structural GPR surveying in South Australia. Often referred to as “concrete x-ray” or “concrete scanning”, GPR is of technical advantage due to its speed, however it is not infallible and in inexperienced hands can lead to misinterpretation. Unfortunately, many who offer this service have poorly trained and inexperienced staff who often do this work in addition to their normal duties & as a way of making a fast buck. This attitude often leads to the hiding of mistakes when they do damage through coring. (see our “FAQ” page)

The staff at SoftScan are committed to providing honest, transparent and reliable service to all our Clientele and we will continue to do so by investing in ongoing training and technology.